Marriage Age, Social Status and Intergenerational Effects in Uganda

Demography, 2019
Link to paper

Arriving at a Decision: A Semi-Parametric Approach to Institutional Birth Choice in India

with Prateek Bansal & Ricardo Daziano
Journal of Choice Modelling, 2019
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Transitioning towards Nutrition Sensitive Food Systems in Developing Countries- A Review

with Prabhu Pingali
Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2017
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Works in Progress

Income Shocks, Educational Investments and Child Work [PDF]

with Christophe Nordman and Smriti Sharma
Revise & Resubmit, Economic Development and Cultural Change

What You Learned by Second Grade Matters- A Comparative Study in Madagascar and Senegal [PDF]

with Heidi Kaila and David Sahn
Revisions Submitted, Economic Development and Cultural Change

Market Access, Production Diversity and Diet Diversity: Evidence from India

with Soumya Gupta & Prabhu Pingali
Revisions Submitted, Food and Nutrition Bulletin

Mental Health & Education: Average and Distributional Effects in the Long Run [PDF]

with Yanan Li
Under Review

Health Insurance and Infant Mortality: Evidence from India [PDF]

with Anaka Aiyar

Gender Imbalances in Diets in India

with Soumya Gupta & Prabhu Pingali
Under Review

Parents’ Schooling and Intergenerational Human Capital: Evidence from India

Draft available on request

Decision Fatigue among Primary Care Providers in Sub-Saharan Africa

with Jessica Cohen
Draft in preparation

What doesn’t kill her, will make her (mentally) weaker

with Yanan Li
Draft in preparation